Lucent’s SSC Higher Mathematics | PDF Download Free


Lucent’s SSC Higher Mathematics | PDF Download Free

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Lucent’s SSC Higher Mathematics pdf download

We are here with Lucent’s SSC Higher Mathematics pdf, download form the link given below.

Hello friends, I am going to give you download link of Lucent Advanced Maths PDF e-book. This book is very important if you want to improve your advanced Maths for any of the SSC exams like CGL, CHSL, CPO or MTS. You very well know that the weightage of advanced Maths ( i.e Higher Mathematics ) has become more. This book is available both in Hindi and English medium. But there is not much difficulty if you are a Hindi medium and study Maths from English book. This book is written by Mr. Rishikesh Kumar. There are 450 pages and 13 chapters of advanced Maths in it.

Lucent SSC Higher Mathematics Book PDF Download

हम जानते हैं कि आपका समय कितना कीमती है| इसलिए हमने इस book में दिए गये topics की एक list बना दी हैं ताकि आपको दिए हुए topics के बारे में idea मिल जाये|

बीजीय पहचान (Algebraic Identities)
Indices and surds
रैखिक समीकरण का ग्राफ़िकल समाधान (Graphical Solution of Linear Equation)
रेखा और कोण (line and angles)
अनुकूल और समान त्रिभुज (Congruent and Similar Triangles)
त्रिभुज का केंद्र (Center of Triangles)
चतुष्कोष (Quadrilateral)
सर्कल और इसकी स्पर्शरेखा लाइनें (Circle and its Tangent Lines)
कोणों का माप: त्रिज्या और डिग्री (Measurement of Angles: Radius and Degree)
विशिष्ट कोण के त्रिकोणमितीय अनुपात (Trigonometric Ratio of Specific Angle)
प्राथमिक त्रिकोणमितीय पहचान (Elementary trigonometric identities)
ऊंचाई और दूरी (Height and Distance)
उन्नत त्रिकोणमितीय पहचान (Advanced Trigonometric Identities)

Lucent Mathematics Part 1 pdf

Part 1 Of Lucent Mathematics isn’t available now. we will update that book here as soon as we get. Remember every pdf of book you can get from here at free of cost.

Book Details:  Lucent SSC Higher Maths PDF

Book Name : “Complete Mathematics, Part-2 English Edition ”
PDF Size : 27 MB
No Of Pages :455 Pages
Book Purpose : SSC Higher Mathematics
Quality : High
Format : PDF
language : English

Here are the list of chapters in Lucent Advanced Maths PDF:-

Algebraic Identities
Indices and Surds
Graphical Solution of Linear Equation
Lines and Angles
Congruent and Similar Triangles
Centre of Triangle
Circle and its Tangent Lines
Measurement of Angles: Radian and Degree
Trigonometric Ratio of Specific Angles
Elementary Trigonometric Identities
Height and Distance
Advanced Trigonometric Identities

How to study from Lucent Advanced Maths PDF:-

You can divide complete book into three sections:-

Algebra – Chapter 1 to Chapter 3
Geometry – Chapter 4 to Chapter 8
Trigonometry – Chapter 9 to Chapter 13
And you can do Mensuration from any of the good book that you have at home. These four sections will be of approximately 50% of Maths marks in SSC CGL exams.


Download Lucent’s SSC Higher Mathematics

( 76 mb)


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  1. the book is great and thanks for uploading it …but in the book there are some mistakes ..I mean to say that some of the pages are not completely given.. Margins are missing and at some places the thumb ..You can see it …Else is great…Thanks again


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